Pink is in…in more ways than one!

   A Quarterly Publication of Women at The Well Ministries

 Of course we all know that pink is the new black (we do all know that, right?) What I really mean is that the latest (summer) edition of our (Women at The Well) quarterly newsletter, Pink!: Strength & Femininity is hot off the press. The reason for my silence over the last couple of days is that I’ve been working on putting the finishing touches on it so that it would be ready for print today – and it is! Halleluyah (can you hear the angels singing too?)!! Along with my trusty W@TW sidekick, Kim, we do this as a ministry, not only to our ladies at The Well, but anyone who cares to read it (including some guys who won’t admit to it, but that’s OK).

So if you would like to see for yourself what Pink! is all about, check out back issues on our website,, under “Events at The Well\Women at The Well\Pink Newsletters”. The ’08 issues will be available online any day now (right, Gene?). If there is any specific issue you’d like a hard copy of, or you would like to be added to the newsletter mailing list, do drop me a line and I’ll be happy to oblige. We are honored that our readership has spread beyond the borders of the U.S.

So…take a peek at it and tell me what you think! And have a great weekend while you’re at it 😉


There goes May…

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You know you’re getting old when time seems to zoom past you. I remember when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to be an adult and every year as I celebrated my birthday, the time seemed to drag interminably towards achieving that goal. BTW, why didn’t anyone tell me back then that adulthood is not as glamorous as it’s made to look? I thought I’d have my own money, all for myself, and I would be independent, able to come and go as I please. Instead, I have to do a quick calculation to remember how old I am on each birthday, the money’s certainly not “my own” and I carry on me a tracking device, aka cell phone, which laughs in the face of so-called independence (notice how the first question out of whomever is calling you on your cell phone is “where are you?”). Even the trendy little car I thought I’d have somehow morphed into a Mommymobile, with plenty of space to spread out the kids so they don’t “breathe on” each other.

Anyway, as I was saying, it’s almost summer. The kids will soon be home on summer vacation (there goes my grocery bill through the roof!). Living in the Orlando area, summer means heat – lots of it!, bugs, and peak tourist season. Somewhat over-rated. Yet I love my life – even if it’s going way too fast…


Favorite things III

Another favorite thing of mine: long holiday weekends. I’ll take one of those anyday, especially when the holiday is on Monday, which makes the week so much shorter. By the time you hit the mid-week blues, the week is over – sweet!

Yesterday (Memorial day), we went to the beach. Something we never do, usually. I remember the first time I suggested it to my husband – he looked at me completely bewildered, as if I was speaking another language (I think his exact words were “you must have me confused with someone else”. Either that or “huh?!”). He came around very quickly, though, and off we went to Daytona Beach Shores, with a picnic lunch and a big white 10’X10′ tent, which I nicknamed “The Oppressor” because of the way it made all the colorful little umbrellas around it look so puny and pathetic. Hey, there were 6 of us, and have you seen my family? I’m the runt, right next to my 11 year old, and she’s catching up fast!

My favorite part was people-watching. I could do that for hours, and I did! Here are a couple of pictures I took (yes, I figured out how to do that!). Enjoy…

Joseph and the girls building a fortress The Joseph Thompson family and my Dad


“The Oppressor”

From Zero to Hero in 10 seconds

I had a funny thing happen to me last Saturday. We have a community outreach event called Overflow: Sanford coming up on June 14th. Last Saturday, we, the members of the Overflow committee, all met at the location of our event (the Boys & Girls Club of W. Sanford) to prayer-walk the premises. After this, we dispersed in different directions to personally invite members of the community and create a word-of-mouth awareness of the event. Armed with posters for local businesses and postcards for individuals, we designated territories and went out in twos.

As I walked along the Riverwalk of downtown Sanford, I noticed an older gentleman sitting on the pier. Holding a postcard in my hand, I said “Good morning, Sir, I’d like to invite you to a free community event hosted by our church…” He cut me off and said “…for the entire family.” Taken by surprised (not realizing that he was reading off the card in my hand), I asked him how he knew that. He immediated jumped all over me, that I didn’t even know what was on the card I was handing out; I was probably just asked to do this by my pastor and had nothing personally invested in it; I was obviously just following directions and doing someone’s work for them, etc. etc. Oh no, he di’n’t!!! Just what I didn’t need after pouring sweat and slapping the pavement for the Lord for the past 2 hours in 93 degree heat (plus humidity). So I calmly took off my bejeweled sunglasses, took a deep breath and said to him: “Look at me, Sir, let me introduce myself. My name is Sola Thompson, I am the Women’s Ministries Pastor at The Well, whose Lead Pastor is my husband, Joseph Thompson. I have had the honor and privilege of having led the organizing team of Overflow:Sanford for the past couple of months and would like to invite you to this free community event. Now do I have your attention?” As I spoke, I watched his face change from condescension to admiration. He then said “So you’re the Pastor? Oh, see, now you remind me of Mrs. Obama. You’re just as aggressive as she is!”

I rest my case.

Favorite things II

EARLY MORNING WALKS WITH BIMI: Definitely another favorite thing of mine. First of all, so you know, it’s not about the actual walk, even though there are physical benefits to it. Actually I loathe (too strong) dislike walking, plus I’m not a morning person. However, on weekday mornings, Bimi (my 14 year old) and I walk Temi (my 11 year old) to the school bus stop and once she’s on the bus at 6:50 am, we walk for 30-45 minutes, before she has to get ready for school and I, for work. We have a beautiful, loooong, woody trail that runs behind our house and we only walk a small portion of it, but every morning as we converse, we look out for what new creatures we’ll see (of the two- and four-legged variety!) We have seen deer, bears, armadillos, ant eaters and other wild life I don’t even recognize. A few days ago, Bimi almost stepped on a deadly but gorgeous coral snake!

Like I said, it’s not about the actual walk. It’s a one-on-one connecting time where she has my attention and I have hers. She invites me into her world of teenage drama (ai, ai, ai!) and I get to drop nuggets that may otherwise have gone in one ear and out the other. I can hear you now, saying “awww, how sweet!”, so I won’t tell you about the times I had to send her back home because she was working my nerve, or the times… but I digress.

As much as I relish those moments, it gives me an inkling of just how much Father God relishes our one-on-one time with Him. We invite Him into our world of drama and because He finally has our attention, He is able to drop nuggets into us that might otherwise have gone in one ear and out another. Fortunately, unlike someone we know, He won’t send you home when you work His nerve.

Early morning walks with Bimi. Definitely one of my favorite things.

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A few of my favorite things…

The Sound of Music (Single Disc Full Screen Edition)

I was just thinking to myself today how blessed I am. It’s so easy to forget the “little things”, isn’t it? So I thought I’d start to focus on one thing at a time, which reminded me of Maria’s song in The Sound of Music, one of my all-time favorite movies. Living in Florida, there’s no point liking “snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes”. Snowflakes are over-rated anyway, so scrap that! I’m making my own list:

MI FAMILIA! I know, not very original, but I love my fam. 

My husband, Joseph: after being married to him for nearly 20 years (yes, you heard me – I married him when I was 10 – not!), I still have not met anyone quite like him. Strong, yet sensitive, knowledgeable yet teachable, with just enough “pink” in him to make him relatable without compromising his masculinity. God’s man…and mine!

My son, Demi: big strapping mountain of muscle, being courted by universities to play football. My gentle giant with the disarming smile. How did such a big person come from me?

My daughter, Bimi: tall, ebony drama queen. One day she’ll discover how truly beautiful she is and that some girls would give anything to be 5’11” like she is right now. Most loving and generous kid I know.

My baby, Temi: little gazelle, wise beyond her years. She’s transitioning into the teen season and I cringe in anticipation of all the drama. For now, I’ll hug her just a little longer… especially while she’s still a couple of inches shorter than me!

My Dad, Olu: the most laid-back, low-maintenance, “no worries” person I know. He’s hanging out with us for a while (he came back with me from Nigeria, from a recent trip to bury my mother). He’s amazingly strong, amazingly in love with the Lord.

My mother, Abigail: truly a pink warrior whose fight is won. Her legacy of love and godliness will live on in me and my children.

I am truly blessed!!

I feel the love

Can you feel the love tonight? I sure do. Thanks for all the shout-outs I got in response to my blogs. BTW, when I refer to people as “Cuz”, I’m not trying to be hip – they really are my cousins. My kids laugh at my attempts at ebonics and my co-workers laugh at my attempts at the southern drawl, so I’ll just stick with my Heinz 57 (mish-mash) melange of an accent, which leaves people guessing much of the time.

This blogging thing could really become a favorite past-time of mine. I think it’s the interaction, or the thought that somebody out there is reading, that motivates one to keep a blog, right? Tell me, all you bloggers out there, what is it that keeps you writing? And all you blog readers, what keeps you reading? It’s not a rhetorical question – I really want to know. Do share! I’ve tried many times to keep a journal and have not been successful at being consistent with it. Maybe it’s the one-sided nature of it, or the thought that, like I used to do with my older sister’s diary (Sorry, Tall T), someone will sneak a peek and discover all my secrets and pent up angst…

Anyway, it’s good to be here!



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