There goes May…

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You know you’re getting old when time seems to zoom past you. I remember when I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to be an adult and every year as I celebrated my birthday, the time seemed to drag interminably towards achieving that goal. BTW, why didn’t anyone tell me back then that adulthood is not as glamorous as it’s made to look? I thought I’d have my own money, all for myself, and I would be independent, able to come and go as I please. Instead, I have to do a quick calculation to remember how old I am on each birthday, the money’s certainly not “my own” and I carry on me a tracking device, aka cell phone, which laughs in the face of so-called independence (notice how the first question out of whomever is calling you on your cell phone is “where are you?”). Even the trendy little car I thought I’d have somehow morphed into a Mommymobile, with plenty of space to spread out the kids so they don’t “breathe on” each other.

Anyway, as I was saying, it’s almost summer. The kids will soon be home on summer vacation (there goes my grocery bill through the roof!). Living in the Orlando area, summer means heat – lots of it!, bugs, and peak tourist season. Somewhat over-rated. Yet I love my life – even if it’s going way too fast…



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