The Real McCoy

Yesterday, at church, we watched a message on DVD, titled “Lord, Make Us Authentic.” It was the last installment of our “One Prayer” series (see During the month of June, 1,585 churches (representing approximately 1 million believers) all over the world participated in the series, in manifestation of Jesus’ prayer “Make them one.” How amazing to know that vast numbers of people were praying the same prayer over the course of one month from all corners of the globe. 63 pastors submitted teachings on DVD, from which all the “One Prayer” participating churches selected their sermons for the month of June.

Chris Hodges’ message “Lord, Make Us Authentic” was just what the doctor ordered. I, for one, am sick and tired of us Christians pretending to be what or who we’re not. I loathe the duplicity that is so rampant in the church today. No wonder we have non-believers scoffing at us! Enough already!

Last year, I turned 40 (yes, folks, I’m forty and I’m fabulous 🙂 ) and I have to say it was quite a liberating experience for me. Unlike many women I know, I didn’t enter my 40s kicking and screaming. I RAN into them with arms outstretched. I felt re-born; like a debutante. Maybe because it also marked the end of a long, painful season of “night” that I’d experienced the previous year. Gone overnight was the need to impress, fit into a mold, or conform to anyone’s expectations. I resolved that the only one I’ll ever aim to please is God, and even then, pleasing Him is not a goal, but a byproduct of loving and knowing Him. From that stems my passion for the phenomenon I like to call Pink! i.e. a desire to embrace life and my calling, joyfully, confidently and authentically, and bring (or drag – your choice!) as many women along with me as possible. The way I see it, we only get one shot at this life, so let’s make the most of it, curve balls, bumps-in-the-road and all. And while we’re at it – please, oh please – let’s be authentic. Let’s find out who God made us to be and be that person, and not someone else’s ideal. So here’s the cry of my heart:

Lord, Make Me Authentic…Make Me The Real McCoy!!

That, people, is my two cents 😉


Is it Friday yet?

I’m so ready for the weekend. I have been, since Monday!

This week was my “re-adjusting from vacation transition week”. I completely slacked off on any form of exercise: no early morning walks, no working out to “Body Sculpt by Gilad” (does anyone else know Gilad the fitness guy from Waikiki beach in Hawaii?), no biking, no motivation, nothing! Of course I also did nothing all last week while I was on vacation. Now my body feels like it belongs to someone else.  It’s just not cooperating with me and my muscles have lost any residual memories they once may have had. So it’s back to the grindstone. Next week. Until then, I’ll make the most of my transition week. Bring on the weekend!

Her Royal P.I.N.K.-ness


I got to the office today and someone had put a mug filled with candy on my desk. One of my co-workers had come across the mug and it reminded her of me. I took photos (above) of both sides of the mug, but it still doesn’t quite do it justice. It says “Princess In Need of the King”. How cool is that? Since I didn’t come up with that acronym and it’s obviously already taken, I’ll have to think up something catchy of my own. Any ideas? (don’t worry, I’ll give you credit if I use it) Sweeter than the cool factor was the confirmation that there are lots of other PINK warriors out there somewhere. Viva las princesas!

Just call me “proud Mama”!

Here’s a photo of me and my oversize baby, Demi. On our way back home from Atlanta last Saturday, we went straight to University of South Florida in Tampa to tour the facilities and check out the school. Demi has been pursued by a number of universities wooing him to play football for their colleges. He has received numerous offers of full-ride scholarships and we have prayed, researched, examined and prayed some more, to be sure we make the right decision of where he is supposed to be, versus where he wants to be. He finally decided on USF, which warmed my heart as a mother (far enough to spread his wings, close enough to come home to do his laundry – sweet!!). USF also had a camp last Saturday, which Demi attended. So we sat for hours, watching our boy do his thing on the football field where the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play. At the end of the camp, he gave his verbal commitment to the Head Coach and the Offensive Line Coach who recruited him.

Below is an article (edited for length) on Demi. Even though I’m not old enough to have a child going to university (I must have had him when I was 10, right? 😉 ), I’m as proud as any mama should be. He’s worked hard for this and the Lord is smiling on him. He has one more year of high school (he’s going into his senior year), before he flies the coop and I know it will go by fast. For now, I’ll enjoy him…before I convert his room into a guest room – ha ha!!!

Demi Thompson Talks about USF Decision
Posted Jun 23, 2008
The first annual SuperBull was a huge success for the staff. We first broke the news of 6 players committing to play for the Bulls. Now read all about 6’2-245 pound Demi Thompson, the sleeper defensive end from Lake Mary that committed to USF Saturday. Stay informed with
 Leavitt and staff filled a key defensive need when they received a commitment from Lake Mary defensive lineman Demi Thompson after USF’s SuperBull camp this Saturday.Demi had plenty of interest with over 10 offers including Duke, Cincinnati, and Purdue, Central Florida, Kentucky, Ole Miss, N.C. State, and FAU, but narrowed his choices down before choosing the Bulls.Thompson has grown to over 6’2-245 pounds and is a beast on the field and in the weight room, benching 345, with a box squat of 530, and a 285 clean and jerk. Besides being strong Thompson also has speed being timed with a 4.71-40, but still knows he has room for improvement. 

My Take:
Saturday’s haul addressed several needs, and Demi Thompson fills a big one. Thompson is a big strong DL prospect that runs extremely well, with a great first step. He also has a great motor and knows how to get into position to make plays. He may be a bit of a under the radar/sleeper candidate now, but schools are taking notice, and by the end of the seasons he’ll be a name to remember. 




What’s in your…CD player?

Every now and then, I get a song or CD that just hooks me right where it matters. Right now, it’s CeCe Winans’ Throne Room CD (thanks, Nike, for this amazing gift). I know it’s quite old, so someone out there is probably thinking “Gosh, where’s she been?” You don’t wanna know! I have a 30-minute commute to work each way everyday (I know, ouch, what with gas prices and all), so I have plenty of time to worship, contemplate or shoot the breeze on my cell phone. CeCe’s keeping me company quite nicely. What I love the most about CeCe, apart from her amazing vocals, is the purity of heart that comes through in her songs. You know she’s not merely singing – she’s worshiping. Definitely one of my favorite artists.

So…what is in your CD/mp3 player at the moment? Do share.

Of birds and appendages…

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The other morning, my baby, Temi (11 years old) took one long hard look at me and said, “Mom, either you have sleep marks on your face, or you’re getting eagle’s legs or hawk’s claws or whatever that stuff is called.” “What stuff?” I asked, completely bewildered and clueless as to what she was talking about. “You know,” she said, “the stuff that old people get around their eyes.” “What – crow’s feet?” I asked. “Yeah, that’s the one!”


She made my day!

Team Overflow

Here’s a photo of our Overflow team from last Saturday. This was right before the event, during a brief huddle time. I can’t even begin to tell you how selfless and incredible this group of people is. I love them ta def (sorry, I’m in the ATL, and I find my lingo changing…)!

Remember the folks from Overflow whose utility bill we were able to help with? That family has 4 kids and I heard a report that warmed my heart today. After witnessing the way God had used various people to be a blessing to her family, one of the little girls said to her Mom: “I think I’m falling in love with God!” Her Mom replied “I think I am too!” Wow! Isn’t that what it’s all about? That little girl made my day!

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