A Moment of Silence…

One of my favorite sounds is silence. Huh? You say. Yeah, that’s what my daughter Bimi said when I asked her if it were possible for her to remain silent for a period of time, like say – I don’t know – a minute?!

For me, silence allows me to hear, or to be still. When there is silence, I can suddenly hear the other sounds that I’d either taken for granted or that had been drowned out by others. Right now, as I type this, I’m enjoying some golden silence. My husband is out dropping the kids and one of their friends off at Youth Group. My Dad is right now riding the winds back home to Lagos, Nigeria after a 3-month stay with us (sniffle!). All forms of media (OK, except the computer) is shut off, on purpose.

With my life as busy as it is, these moments of silence are few and far between, so what did I do to celebrate it? I fixed myself a bowl of strawberry cheesecake icecream, put it in the microwave for 13 seconds, for that “just-right” consistency and stuck 3 pieces of KitKat in it for good measure. As I sat down in my quiet family room to enjoy it, I started to reach for the remote control, but I quickly caught myself. Instead, as I ate, I listened to the whir of the bread machine as it made me a promise of fresh, homebaked bread in less than an hour. I heard the sound of the air conditioner unit as it worked to subdue the hot air that likes to sneak into my house in the summer. After relishing the moment and polishing off my icecream, I thought I’d capture a snapshot of my moment of silence on my blog and share it with you all because I know that it’ll soon be over. Wait…is that a cricket I hear outside? Wow. And that dripping sound better be rain. Outside, not in my house. Now the bread machine is clicking. Is that a bird chirping or is it the sound of the twilight zone?

So here’s wishing you moments of silence (but only if it’s your thing) and have a lovely, stress-free weekend. I, for one, am planning on it. Peace!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ash
    Jul 11, 2008 @ 20:53:56

    The sound of the ocean’s waves is what makes me still. I could close my eyes and listen for hours. There is a sense of peace in the restlessness for me. Everything in my world is stopped when I hear the waves of the ocean and nothing else. It is perfect and my mind can stop wondering….two days, Sola, and that’s how I will spending all of next week. Sigh….I cannot wait….wink. xo


  2. solathompson
    Jul 12, 2008 @ 00:40:42

    I can hear it now, Ash. Aaaahhh. Enjoy. You deserve it.


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