Fill my tank, Lord


This morning, I got an email at work. A co-worker had discovered gas at $3.79 a gallon, which is significantly cheaper than anywhere else in the Greater Orlando area that I know of. I even called Sam’s Club, who usually has the cheapest gas and theirs was $3.86! Of course, you know that kind of news spread like wildfire. This phenomenon was happening at a specific gas station in Eustis, FL (don’t ask – look it up), a small community which is, shall we say, not exactly inner-city. By afternoon, ALL the gas stations on that street had reduced their gas to the same price to get in on the popularity contest. I guess the managers got tired of watching the vehicles speed past them on their way to this one station. They wanted a piece of the pie. And it worked. Of course I was one of the people who took advantage of this. I filled up my tank and as I did so, I got to thinking (uh-oh!)…
When we find something good, our natural tendency is (should be, anyway) to share it with those we care about. If we don’t, then there’s probably a leak in our love tank. My co-worker could have kept the news of the gas deal to himself and been content to be the only one to benefit from it, but he didn’t (thanks, Jason). Joy is fullest when it’s shared and replicated in others. Just like the joy of knowing the Lord. Now there’s something to be excited about. How can I keep THAT to myself?

Um… does anyone know how to patch a leak?


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