My SuperKid


Here is a you-tube video of my son, Demi at his training center, Davis Training Systems, where some of the best pro atheletes in the state of Florida train. In this video, he just deadlifted 675 lbs, matching the pro athlete record, and he’s still in high school.  Joseph called me over this morning and showed it to me. My jaw dropped. While Dad was marveling at his boy’s strength, I was marveling at the blood-curdling roar that emanated from this person inhabiting my boy’s body. Shhh! Don’t distract the other nice people trying to work out. Did I not teach you anything? Quick, change that wet shirt before you catch a cold!

Seriously, though, I’m proud of his accomplishment because I know how hard he works (I also know how much food it takes to fill that body – oy!). However, his Dad and I are always careful to remind him that the laurels and achievements of this world will only last a fleeting moment. The accolades of men will fade, cease and even sometimes turn to scorn.  The reason God entrusts His gifts and blessings to us is because He is counting on us to use them for His glory. That starts with knowing whose we are and whom we serve and seeking His approval above all. And THAT, Baby Boy, is what it’s all about!


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