They’re back!

















Our Guatemala team, including my hubby and daughter, came home in the early hours of Sunday morning. Wow! They certainly brought back “something” with them and our Sunday celebration service was charged (in a very good way).  Many of us had something Guatemalan to wear on that Missions Sundays. Since I didn’t go on the trip, the best account is a first-hand one, so you may want to visit Joseph’s blog, for details. You can see more pictures on our church website,

I just thought I’d share two of the photos they brought back. The first one is the team with some of the students of an elementary school where they ministered. They performed a skit in which Bimi was an angel (in the skit, that is – LOL! 🙂 ) The second picture is one that touched this mother’s heart. It’s my Bimi praying for a group of middle school girls at another school where they ministered. It’s such a blessing to see her stepping outside of herself to minister to others. I was told that on another occasion, the team was ministering at a local church and as she prayed for a young boy, the power of God touched him and he hit the ground.  It was a truly humbling experience for her to realize that the Lord would choose to use her to bless others. All she had to do was make herself available. I didn’t even have to tell her that it had nothing to do with her – she knew it! You teach them the same thing over and over again and then one day – eureka! – they get it! Thank God they get it!!


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