Pink is in the House!

It’s done – phew! The fall ’08 issue of  Pink! is here! Seems like it was only a short while ago that I announced the summer issue, but that was a quarter ago. Realizing how much work goes into a simple two-sided 11X17 publication makes me have a truckload of respect for folks who put out magazines and such. Then again, they probably have a paid staff who can put full-time effort into it. Me, I have my trusty side-kick, Kim, and that’s pretty much it. And trust me, neither one of us is doing it for the big bucks [sigh…I’m not bitter – honest!] In a short while, we’ll have it available to read on our church website or you can ask me nicely and I’ll pop a copy in the mail to you.
In the mean time, I have to tell you that I’m lovin’ me some Well ladies right now! I started a women’s study group in my home on Liz Curtis Higgs’ “Bad Girls of the Bible” and I can tell after just one pre-cursor meeting, that we’re going to have a blast with this one. Of course I won’t be divulging any secrets, but you may do well to watch this space!
Until then, go Pink! No, really, go read Pink!
Oh, and make it an uber-great week! Toodles…












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