I’ve got friends in high places!

We all need those. I’m not talking about corporate or political hotshots. I mean those folks who are willing to storm the heavens on your behalf, spiritually speaking, or give you a leg-up when you could use one.

Every now and then I hit a road block. I get weary (take that, all you who think I’m super-woman! Show of hands? None? OK, never mind…) Of course at those times, it’s always me who’s off track or out of focus. I get busy about life and get ever so slightly disconnected from my “power source”. Like the wiring in the turn signal mechanism of my car, that’s all it takes: a barely perceptible – albeit inadvertent – disconnection. Yes, even pastor’s wives suffer that malady. You see, as my husband often says, we’re no more anointed to live the Word than any other believer. It’s an act of my will (I choose to believe) and my love for the Lord (more like His love for me) that keep me grounded. But sometimes I get distracted.

It’s at those times that the love and strength of a friend does wonders. I’ll get that phone call saying “the Lord put you on my heart today and I just got done praying for you; how are you doing?” (thanks, Dubya). Or the email that reminds me of why I do what I do and gives me the oomph to pick up my upside-down smile (thanks, K). Or it’s that 5-minute Facebook online chat that makes me smile, or laugh out loud (thanks, A). You all know yourselves. My friends in high places. We all need them, whether young or old, near or far. So if you don’t have any, go get you some.

There, I’m all better now! 🙂


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