He said what now?

The other day, I actually watched the second round of the presidential debates. I admit I didn’t watch it to the end, though. I’d heard enough up until the point I got up to do something more productive, i.e. brush my teeth. Or maybe I got tired of the little digs at each other that the candidates couldn’t seem to resist while attempting to answer the questions they were asked. Again, can we all just get along?

The next day, however, after listening to reports via the media about what McCain called Obama and how he made a condescending remark to a black guy who asked a question, I was glad I’d watched as much (or as little) as I did because I certainly heard no feedback about the real issues. I mean, how impressive could the debate have been when all that the press was focusing on was name calling and alleged racial undertones? 

That got me thinking (aaargh, it hurts!)…how interesting that we can put whatever spin we want on what we see or hear, depending on our motives and the filter through which we pass that information. Sort of like the same way we can “make” Scripture say what we want it to say by quoting it out of context or passing it through our filters of rejection, bias, bitterness, etc. I heard those remarks made by McCain first hand and I honestly did not perceive any racial undertones, but maybe that’s just me. Maybe I see the world in pink! (la la laaa…)

Thank God that He judges our hearts because He knows that sometimes words can slip past the “security checks” of our minds and misrepresent what we truly believe. And thank God that there are only 26 more days till election day. But who’s counting?


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