Aaaah, Monday!

At the disaster relief packaging warehouse

At the disaster relief packaging warehouse

Taking a practice swing

Taking a practice swing (yes, that's a pink t-shirt & hat; you should have seen the clubs too!)

So…for once, I remember what I did over the weekend. Usually when people ask me on Monday how my weekend was, I tell them “it must have been good because I can’t remember it!” You see, by the time Monday rolls in, I’ve moved on from the weekend. However, last weekend’s memories still linger on this fine Florida Monday.

On Saturday, a team from our church went on our monthly community volunteering. We went to a disaster relief packaging center and helped sort blankets, towels, sheets, robes, etc. These items get shipped over to disaster-ravaged countries/regions and are a tremendous blessing to the victims of those disasters. It was great to see such a big turnout from various ministries and individuals in the community. It was a couple of hours well spent!

Yesterday, I went golfing for the first time. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, and found myself thinking of other ways I could be spending my Sunday afternoon. By the end of our time, I was a believer! Whoddathunk it?  This morning, I woke up to a few new muscles I didn’t realize I had. Did you know there’s a small muscle somewhere deep in the back of the shoulder that’s activated by golfing? Trust me, there is! What’s more, a couple of times during the day, I found myself practising the “golf stance” with an imaginary club in my hand!!

Now I’ll have to edit my answer to question #10 on my page under the “staff bios” section of our church website,


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Teresa
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 15:52:55

    Sola, You really are a pink warrior! I used to LOVE to golf. Not because I was any good at it-but because it was more time with my husband-who TRULY loves golf. The best thing about it was since I was no good, he always won, so he didn’t get crabby, I got to spend time with him, and we both left the course in a good mood! Hope it works like that for you too.


  2. Hope Clark
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 16:10:16

    Niiiice! You responded better than I did. The first time I went golfing I was trying to think of creative excuses as to why I didn’t need to do it again. The second time I actually walked the last four holes without playing. But after both times I found myself practicing my swing later on. 🙂 You did great!


  3. solathompson
    Oct 28, 2008 @ 23:34:22

    Go Pink! Thanks, Hopeful…


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