Happy Birthday, Bimster

Today is the birthday of my favorite 15 year old in the whole world – Bimisola Naomi Thompson.

Before I became a parent, I did not like teenagers at all. I think it’s more that I didn’t get them, even though I was once one. I thought they were a bunch of disrespectful ingrates (surely I was never like that!) and I made up my mind way back then that when I had kids of my own, I would raise them in such a way that I could like them when they were teenagers. I guess it worked!

Bimi is the most loving, witty, generous, considerate teenager I know. Sure she has her moments, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She was born a few days early because she couldn’t wait to take her place in the world. As soon as her head broke the surface, she let out a hearty cry that had the nurses saying “nothing wrong with her lungs, that’s for sure!” She’s been belting it out ever since. She is blessed with a creativity that is the source of the wonderful stories she writes, the beautiful songs she composes and her vivid dreams in brilliant technicolor. Drama queen? That’s my Bimi. I remember her first grade teacher saying “Bimi will make a wonderful adult…” No prize for guessing what kind of first-grader inspires such declarations of hope in her teacher!

I could go on and on about my Bimi, but I’ll end this with a phrase that she’s made popular in our family; a simple phrase that says it all:

“Git it, Bimi!”

Mama loves ya, baby girl! 🙂

Mama & Baby Girl #1

Mama & Baby Girl #1


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