Sometimes Christmas Makes Me Cry

This Christmas, I’m a little more pensive than usual. I’m always amazed at the hype of Christmas, with everyone in a frenzy over parties, gifts and the “Christmas spirit.” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against parties or gifts. I definitely am against the “Christmas spirit”, though, especially in the way many people mean it.

If I were a songwriter, I would have written the song “Christmas Makes Me Cry” sung by Mandisa and Matthew West. It captures my feelings exactly! But since they wrote it before I got the chance to, I’ll just listen to it and cry each time. This Christmas, there are men and women in the forces who will be far, far away from loved ones, not even knowing for sure if they’ll ever see them again. I have a friend who is a single Dad just dreading spending Christmas alone. I know of people facing eviction on Christmas Eve. And me, it’s my first Christmas without my Mother.

So as you celebrate Christmas this year, however you do so, spare a thought and a prayer for those around you that you may not even be aware of, for whom Christmas is not necessarily a happy time; those who may not have gifts or even a tree; those who are struggling with their health…the list is endless. And if these things move you to tears, I pray that they will be “tears of thankfulness, tears of hope…tears of joy at Christmas because [you] know there is peace on earth for every heart to find.”

Yes, I pray that Christmas makes you cry…


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