Year-end Musings

I know I’ve been rather sporadic in my blogging habits lately, but it’s with good reason, at least in my opinion. I just seem to have had so much going on in my life the last few weeks.

As I sit here watching the clock inch purposefully towards another year, I’m amazed at how fast 2008 seems to have flown by. Why is that anyway? Why do we always express surprise at the fast passage of time? Every single year since time began has lasted the same exact number of days, give or take one (aka leap year). So what makes one year seem to fly by? Or is it true that that only happens when you get older?

What a year it’s been on every level: personally, nationally, globally… There’ll never be another year like this one, for good or for bad. As I muse over the events of this year and wonder what the next has in store, I find myself distilling the issues of life to a few essentials, not in any specific order:

PEACE: in the midst of the storms of life, this is a must-have and thankfully, when I need it the most, it’s a “do-have”

HEALTH: no matter how much one has, if you’re not healthy, it’s no fun

LOVE: To love and be loved…there’s nothing greater

HOPE: The one thing that motivates me to get up again, and again…

FAITH: The anchor of my soul, bedrock of my existence and my connection to my Maker and Father God. The confident assurance that Someone infinitely wiser that I am is in charge. How do those who don’t have it make it through life?

So that’s what I pray for you in the new year: peace, health, love, hope and faith. I’d say that about covers it.

Oh, and thanks for being a part of my life in 2008 by reading my rantings and occasionally leaving comments (which I love – hint!) 😉 

See you in ’09!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. angiebledsoe
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 17:52:17

    Peace….and all of the above to you! May you be richly blessed in 2009! Love, love…Angie.


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