Ridin’ the Winds…

OK, so I have a great excuse this time for my silence over the last week or so. My little sister is getting married in Lagos, Nigeria and Temi, my soon-to-be 12 year old, and I will be attending the wedding. We leave tomorrow (Friday) and I’ve been busy with a million things to do before then. Of course we’re all agog with excitement, but boy, is the timing weird!

You see, our church is re-launching on March 8 and we have a plethora of activities towards the big day. For more information, go to www.churchatthewell.org. We have a series of community events that we are so excited about and I “get to” miss a good number of them 😦 But for a good reason, though! Add to that my son’s 18th birthday today (happy birthday, Baby Boy!), year-end church administrative stuff, running errands for the bride-to-be, all the while trying to keep up with my “normal” (ha!) activities. I’m actually looking forward to the 11-hour plane ride from ATL to Lagos because I know that then I can catch some serious zzzs.

So, I’ll be taking a blog break over the next couple of weeks while I’m in Lagos. I don’t know how often – if – I’ll have access to the internet while I’m there, that is, if there’s a minute to spare amidst the preparations for the wedding. Make sure you come back, though, because I’ll be posting photos. You won’t want to miss those, trust me!

Allez, mes amis, mi amigos, my friends, eyin ore mi, I’ll catch up with you in a couple of weeks.



Whazzat meme? Part II

So…I’m finding that listing 20 interesting facts about myself is harder than I imagined. It feels kinda vain and self-absorbed, but here goes…

11. I never met a veggie I didn’t like – except brussel sprouts.

12. I don’t eat pork or pork products, not for any reason other than I have options and I choose to exercise them.

13. I grew up eating avocados fresh from the neighbor’s tree in Lagos, Nigeria (I exercised ownership rights over the branches that hung over the fence into our yard, and anything on them). Imagine my dismay when, a number of years ago, I developed a violent reaction to avocados. I still like them, but I guess they don’t like me. Maybe it’s American avocados I’m allergic to, but I’m afraid to test that theory.

14. The Sound of Music is my all-time favorite movie.

15. I’m simply loving life as a forty-something. I think I came into my own -whatever that means – when I turned 40 (and I hear my hubby saying “yeah, what’s up with that?!”)

16. I usually don’t cry at movies because I know the characters are just acting, but Extreme Makeover: Home Edition makes me cry.

17. Repetitive noises drive me nuts (you know, like tap-tap-tapping one’s nails on the table…or a dripping faucet…or hiccups…)

18. I still don’t know how to swim! That is, ever since I was dumped in the deep end of a friend’s pool as a teenager; and I found out during my only swimming lesson as an adult that my “natural float level” was just above my nose! What good is that if I’m drowning, huh? huh??!!

19. Anytime I’m stressed or having a bad day, I go to bed or take a nap and when I wake up, the crisis doesn’t seem like one anymore. Works for me each time, and it’s a lot cheaper than therapy!

20. I love rollercoasters!

And that’s it! Have a fabulous weekend, y’all! 😉

Whazzat meme?

🙂 Couldn’t resist that title. You see, I got tagged in a meme the other day and I figured that, like me, there are probably folks out there who have no idea what (or who?) a meme is. It’s simply blog-speak for “discussion topic”. Merriam-Webster describes it as:

: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture
When you’re tagged in a meme, the person who tagged you wants you to join or add your input to a discussion topic. So…Thea tagged me in a meme that asks for 20 interesting facts about myself, so here goes, not necessarily in any order…
1. I got saved in Grenoble, France as an exchange student my junior year in university (yeah, France – go figure!).
2. Sometimes I talk to God in french because I know He won’t care if I mess up my tenses or use the wrong word.
3. I’m a closet Southern Gospel fan – there, I said it – WHAT!!
4. I’m getting into football now because of my boy, but despite all the instruction and “Football for Dummies” crash courses, sadly, I.STILL.DON’T.GET.IT! In the mean time, I’m faking it till I make it…
5. I enjoy crafts, particularly cross-stitching and crotchet.
6. I just bought myself a pair of reading glasses the other day and they actually help, especially with afore-mentioned crafts!
7. I used to be shy – then I married Joseph and lost touch with my shyness!
8. I enjoy my own company and love staying up late so I can be alone with my thoughts (segue to #9).
9. I’m a night owl and I “come alive at 10:05” (you gotta say it out loud to get the full poetic effect of that one)
10. I’ve lived in 4 different countries so far. Not planning on adding any more to my belt, but I’ve learned never to say never, especially when your life is not your own.
That’s enough for now. Watch this space for the rest… or not; I won’t be offended, honest.  🙂

Cutting the umbilical cord

Last weekend, we were in Tampa, at our son’s official visit to University of South Florida where he will begin his college freshman year and play football for the USF Bulls this summer. Wow!

Seems like only the other day they handed his wrinkled little body over to my husband in a little country hospital in Redhill, Surrey (UK). Wrinkled because he was over-done, born 8 days late and handed to Joseph because after 20 years of painful labor, I had no strength to hold him!

Fast forward 18 years and here we are. The first reality dose was when we arrived and stepped up to the registration table. There were papers to sign and Joseph instinctively stepped forward to sign them. Oh no, they needed Demi’s signature, not Joseph’s. What?! As the weekend progressed, I realized that we were just along for the ride – it was all about him and all the other recruits.

So, everyday I get closer and closer to the day I’ll have to kiss my baby boy goodbye as he begins his life as an independent adult in college. Why is there not some class you can take to prepare you for this? [sigh]. Seriously, though, we are so proud of Baby Boy (he hates me referring to him as that, but he doesn’t read my blog, so it’s all good). I know he’ll be a great adult because that’s what great kids become. He’ll make his share of mistakes and I’ll catch myself before I go running to try to fix them for him. He’ll miss some of my meals that he won’t eat right now because he doesn’t like one ingredient or another. He’ll be forced to keep his room clean because that is the only personal space he’ll have.  He’ll learn to know the small, still voice of the Holy Spirit better than Mom’s or Dad’s because that will be the one he’ll hear most often. He’ll find out that everything he needs to be the man that God created him to be is already in him. That’s my prayer for Baby Boy…

Have a great weekend, y’all 😉

Baby Boy and Me

Baby Boy and Me


 ser·en·dip·i·ty“The faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for” – Merriam Webster dictionary

I love that word. Always have. It’s just such a fun word to say. Last night was serendipity night at our house. We decided to leave the TV off the entire day (oy!) and after dinner, we sat in the family room and just talked. No music, no background noise, no American Idol (yes, you heard me!)…nada! We talked about anything and everything, or so it seems. For over an hour, we had each other’s undivided attention and just talked. Wow. How often does that happen? It was so much fun! I must say it felt strange at first not to have the TV on all day. A few times I started to walk towards the remote before I caught myself.

American Idol can wait. So can Friday Night Lights and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. One day, when the kids are all grown up and out of the house and Joseph and I are old, [completely] grey and retired with lots of free time on our hands (psh – yeah, right!), think we’ll be talking about any of those shows? Nah uh! We’ll be cashing in post-dated checks at the bank of memories. So for now, let the TV take a break every now and then while we enjoy a moment of SERENDIPITY.

Did I mention I love that word? 🙂

Just Call Me Thomas

How many times have we read or heard the story of Thomas the Disciple? He has been immortalized by his reluctance to believe that it was really Jesus that the other disciples claimed to have seen after the crucifixion. He declared that he would only believe if he saw Jesus with his own eyes and felt the places in His hands where the nails pierced Him. We’ve even coined a phrase to describe someone who questions or second-guesses: “Don’t be a doubting Thomas!” I know I’ve used that phrase a time or two. This week as I read John 11, for the first time ever, I saw a different side of Thomas and sympathized with him.

Jesus was planning to go back to Judea, the same city where His life had recently been threatened, and naturally, the disciples registered their objection. When Jesus insisted on going, Thomas was the one who piped up and said “Let us go also, that we may die with Him.” (vs. 16). Now where’s that sentence been all my Bible-toting life?! If that doesn’t smack of courage and devotion, I don’t know what else does. Thomas – Doubting Thomas, no less – wasn’t the wimpy, faithless moron that most of us know him as!

Sure he should have known better, having walked, talked and hung out with Jesus for as long as he did. But how many times do I, knowing God’s faithfulness and sovereignty first-hand, and being a witness time and time again to His love, provision and protection, still entertain “Thomas moments”? I think the brother was just having a bad day. Again, I feel him here!

I’ll never look at Thomas the same old way again. Because Thomas is ME!

Do what, Lord?

So…our 21 day churchwide prayer and fasting has us going through the book of John, one chapter at a time. I’m constantly amazed by the Bible, how you can read the same verse a million times and one day you see something in it that you never saw before. Unlike my daughter Bimi, who’s an avid reader and can read the same book over and over again, I never can. Once I’ve read it and I know what it’s all about, it would bore me incessantly to read it again. But not the Bible. It’s truly alive and ‘four-dimentional’!

How many times have I read the story of Jesus feeding 5000 people with five loaves of bread and 2 fish (with 12 baskets left over)? Yet today I saw something in that chapter that I’d never seen before. After the miracle, the people attested to Jesus’ anointing, proclaiming Him a prophet from God and even wanting to crown Him king. He slipped away from them and they later followed Him to Capernaum.  He knew that they were not seeking Him out because of His miracles, but because He’d fed them for free (ha – moochers!) and He told them as much (I love that about Jesus). Yet, despite this, He took the time to love, minister and speak truth to them with grace and wisdom.

I was reminded that I’ll always have people in my life who are there for various reasons. Not everyone in my life will love me genuinely (WHAT?!), yet I am called to love and be gracious to each one regardless, even while manifesting Christ-like wisdom. It’s so easy to “justify” a short or flippant attitude towards someone whom we know has less than ideal motives.

Er, excuse me while I try to find that telemarketer’s number…

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