Banging Tusks


Sometimes I miss those cute, funny things that kids say when they’re little. My kids are so grown now, but every once in a while my youngest, Temi, who just turned 12 will still say cute stuff that just tickles my funny bone!

My older daughter, Bimi, has a similar personality to her Dad. Because of that, every now and then, they will butt heads. I guess I must have expressed this a time or two because the other day, Temi asked, “Mom, is it because Dad and Bimi are so similar that they bang tusks?” Took me a minute to realize what she meant, but once I did, it made me miss those days when it was a regular occurrence.

It’s true what they say – they grow up very quickly [sigh]…


He never forgets

They say an elephant never forgets. I’ll have to take their word for it because I personally am not acquainted with any elephants. I do know for a fact, though, that God doesn’t forget. Sometimes we pray for and about stuff that He Himself has laid on our hearts and it seems so long in coming that we give up and forget about it. But God doesn’t forget. I’ll bet you that Abram and Sara, who had wanted kids for so long, after a while gave up praying about it, when it no longer made sense for their physical bodies to produce offspring (note to self: confirm this when you get to heaven). That biological clock was done ticking. Or so they thought. But God didn’t forget.

How many God-given dreams and desires have been abandoned in prayer because it didn’t look like they’d happen after all?  How sweet it is when one day, though it was a long time coming and it looked like it wasn’t meant to be; surprisingly, amazingly, it comes to pass! All because God…Never…Forgets!

Hello spring!

Spring fascinates me. Always has. Autumn too. How all things fauna and flora shut down for winter at the appointed time and then know just when to wake up. Every time I see those bare trees and brown, ‘dead’ grass, I have to remind myself that they’re not really dead, just asleep. They sure look dead, though. Yet they’re not. If you wait long enough, or look closely enough at just the right time, you’ll notice those teeny, tiny buds sprouting, traces of brand new, bright green blades fighting their way through the drab, brown grass. One day you’ll wake up and everything’s green, sprouting and budding again. All accomplished behind the scenes by an unseen hand, while you were asleep.

Reminds me of the way God works in our lives. Sometimes when everything appears to be dead or dying, just when you’re thinking: that’s it – it’s over, then you go to sleep and wake up and see that it’s not over, but it’s just about to begin.

Thank God for new beginnings. Thank God for seasons. Thank God for spring!

Kept you hanging long enough…

So sorry, folks,

This week has been a killer in terms of activity. Even now, I’m just stopping long enough to post this, then I’m on the go again. Last weekend was awesome! Our Farmer’s Market event was wonderful, the music from our band was fantastic and the best part of all was meeting with different folks that we’d probably ordinarily not have a chance to connect with.

The kids had fun making crafts and getting their faces painted and we gave away free bottles of water, did a “guess-the-skittles” drawing and gave the winning guess a free webcam and the second place winner got the bottle of skittles.

Sunday was our first day back at our former location at Crystal Lake Elementary. It felt wonderful. It was familiar but different. The actual space was no different than when we left it, so we could only conclude that the difference was us!

God did so much in us while we met at “The Cave”. We had felt the need to pull back and seek God’s face and direction and actually grew in numbers during that time, even though we didn’t advertise our temporary location!

Now we’re gearing up for one more community event, Lake Mary Celebrates, an arts & crafts festival, this Saturday before our re-emergence (we’ll keep them up afterwards). Tomorrow is Watchnight at The Well, our monthly churchwide prayer time from 10pm till midnight. Oh, and did I mention that I will be a vendor at Lake Mary Celebrates on Saturday? I’ll have a tent selling ethnic jewelry and knick-knacks from Nigeria and some hand-crafted stuff that I made.

OK, that’s it. Break over. Gotta run! Peace… 😉

Kids' craft and facepainting table