Kept you hanging long enough…

So sorry, folks,

This week has been a killer in terms of activity. Even now, I’m just stopping long enough to post this, then I’m on the go again. Last weekend was awesome! Our Farmer’s Market event was wonderful, the music from our band was fantastic and the best part of all was meeting with different folks that we’d probably ordinarily not have a chance to connect with.

The kids had fun making crafts and getting their faces painted and we gave away free bottles of water, did a “guess-the-skittles” drawing and gave the winning guess a free webcam and the second place winner got the bottle of skittles.

Sunday was our first day back at our former location at Crystal Lake Elementary. It felt wonderful. It was familiar but different. The actual space was no different than when we left it, so we could only conclude that the difference was us!

God did so much in us while we met at “The Cave”. We had felt the need to pull back and seek God’s face and direction and actually grew in numbers during that time, even though we didn’t advertise our temporary location!

Now we’re gearing up for one more community event, Lake Mary Celebrates, an arts & crafts festival, this Saturday before our re-emergence (we’ll keep them up afterwards). Tomorrow is Watchnight at The Well, our monthly churchwide prayer time from 10pm till midnight. Oh, and did I mention that I will be a vendor at Lake Mary Celebrates on Saturday? I’ll have a tent selling ethnic jewelry and knick-knacks from Nigeria and some hand-crafted stuff that I made.

OK, that’s it. Break over. Gotta run! Peace… 😉

Kids' craft and facepainting table


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