He never forgets

They say an elephant never forgets. I’ll have to take their word for it because I personally am not acquainted with any elephants. I do know for a fact, though, that God doesn’t forget. Sometimes we pray for and about stuff that He Himself has laid on our hearts and it seems so long in coming that we give up and forget about it. But God doesn’t forget. I’ll bet you that Abram and Sara, who had wanted kids for so long, after a while gave up praying about it, when it no longer made sense for their physical bodies to produce offspring (note to self: confirm this when you get to heaven). That biological clock was done ticking. Or so they thought. But God didn’t forget.

How many God-given dreams and desires have been abandoned in prayer because it didn’t look like they’d happen after all?  How sweet it is when one day, though it was a long time coming and it looked like it wasn’t meant to be; surprisingly, amazingly, it comes to pass! All because God…Never…Forgets!


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