These are exciting times…

Economy woes

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I last blogged – not that anyone noticed, I’m sure. Anyway, I’ve had a good reason (this time!) I started a new job and I’ve been in training and just had my first real day on the job today.

These days, with jobs so few and far between, I am grateful to once again be a part of the endangered species that is the workforce. Being a full-time (8am-5pm with an hour’s lunch) commitment in addition to the work I do as our church’s administrator, and all my other roles, you can understand how precious time is lately! How do we women do it? Only by the grace of God!

Apart from the obvious (ie the moulah), I’m excited about meeting new people and connecting with folks I ordinarily wouldn’t meet. Now more than ever, with the economy in shambles and people losing so much, they need to see that there is hope in hopeless times and God’s people are the ones to show them that hope. The fact that we are hurting right alongside them makes it even more believable. Every time I hear people complain about the economy, I listen for the things they are not actually saying: how their paradigm and priorities have shifted; how they are looking for something more dependable than 401Ks to rely on…the list goes on. Then I wait for the right moment to speak a word “in season.” Hope is not lost! So every time you feel the urge to join in some government bashing and Israelite-style murmuring, remember to look around you for a reminder of how blessed you are, regardless. I’m sure you won’t need to look far.

Call me crazy, but yes, I do think that these ARE exciting times!


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