Sizzlin’ Spice (Rahab)


Can somebody say “caliente”? Oh yeah! That would be Rahab (Joshua 2:1-21). I call her Sizzlin’ Spice. She was a “working girl”; a woman of ill repute; a prostitute. So why the heck was she in Jesus’ lineage, right? Surely she’s not worthy! 

She was not even an Israelite, yet she had enough faith in the God of Israel that she harbored and protected God’s people from the enemies who were hunting them down.  There she was, with no dignity, integrity or reputation to boast of, yet she knew how to drive a great bargain. She made a deal with the Israelite spies: I’ll cover for you, but in exchange, you guarantee my safety as well as my family’s. She wasn’t only looking out for herself. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Rahab’s story bends the theology of religion. She didn’t fit the mold of the good Christian girl, yet she won the favor of Almighty God. How I wish there was more detail about her life – I would have loved to get to know Sizzlin’ Spice a little more. For instance, what exactly happened after she and her family were saved from destruction? How did she hook up (no pun intended!) with her future husband, Salmon, from the tribe of Judah, the father of Boaz? Yet the Bible tells us all that we need to know about her – a seemingly unworthy sinner, redeemed by her faith in Jehovah and rewarded for her protection of God’s people, to the extent of earning a place in Messiah’s lineage and an honorable mention in God’s Hall of Faith (Heb. 11:31).

You go, Sizzlin’ Spice!


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