Sultry Spice (Bathsheba)

Sultry Spice

Ahhh, Bathsheba! Innocent victim of a bored, roving-eye monarch? I think not!

Somehow, I don’t think this sister was quite as powerless as one might think (her story is in 2 Sam. 11:1). From all accounts, King David was quite the looker and the fact that he was a passionate, powerful ruler couldn’t have hurt one bit. Her poor husband, Uriah, must have been out of his league and probably didn’t even know it. I picture him as this dedicated soldier, utterly committed to king and country, to the detriment of his own home. Bathsheba, resigned to the fact that she would always play second fiddle to Uriah’s patriotism, probably spent much of her time left to her own devices, bored to tears. Tell me she had no idea that her favorite bathing spot on the roof was within view of the palace. Tell me that when David made advances towards her, she could not have turned him down, swearing loyalty to her beloved Uriah. Tell me she could not have refused to connive with David to attempt to deceive Uriah into thinking he was the father of the seed of adultery which was growing within her. Yeah, right!

Bathsheba may not have been overt, but she was certainly conniving and drop-dead gorgeous enough to catch the eye of David who could have had any woman he pleased. Thus, she earns the title of Sultry Spice. Yet, I love that even though there were tragic consequences of her sin choices, she was given a second chance and later became the mother of Solomon, the wisest and richest king of all time. Even more impressive, she was included in Jesus’ lineage. That speaks of the grace of  God. That is a demonstration of the fact that no matter how low we sink, God’s hand can still grab a hold of us as long as we let Him.

Interesting that in Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1:6, Bathsheba was not even mentioned by name, but identified as the mother of Solomon and the wife of Uriah. Hmmm… Digest that. Any thoughts on why?


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