So yesterday!

Old school typewriter

I hear that blogging is fast becoming (maybe already is?) yesterday’s news. Doesn’t surprise me one bit. Just as soon as I latch on to something, it becomes history, although I’m not sure that my sporadic blogging habits of late can be described as “latched on”. Whatever.

I’ve always been the cautious type. I prefer to “kick the tires” before I buy the car. I like to watch and observe, investigate and verify, before I launch into something. I did it with blogging, facebook, crop pants… of course, by the time I get into it, pop culture is on to the next fad. For instance, I’m still trying to figure out Twitter. I don’t get why I should “follow” people so that I can get every snippet of trivia and minutia they deem appropriate to share with their “followers.” I already do that with status updates on Facebook. Besides, it may be good for others who amass a great Twitter following, but I don’t think it will help my self-esteem any if no-one followed me  – why would they? I’m not the most fascinating person out there (is that a passionate chorus of disagreement I hear? You’re too kind!). Here’s something else I’m still trying to figure out – Blackberry phones and teeny-tiny Qwerty keypads on cell phones. But don’t laugh at or cry for me, I’ll catch up sometime, eventually, just in time for it to be “so yesterday.”

I’m OK with being a step behind, though. You see, being “so yesterday” is not such a bad thing. We learn from “yesterday.” All the mistakes and faux pas of yesterday inform the choices we make today and tomorrow. Yesterday is time-tested, tried and true.

Oh yeah, I believe in yesterday…hey, someone should write a song about that! 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ash
    May 18, 2009 @ 23:28:23

    eh- don’t worry sola, i choose to never catch up to the “twitter” train…it’s not for me and shoot, i don’t have that much time to “update” my status. sometimes simple is good. i sure am glad you got into blogging though, it’s fun reading what you’re thinking about, dear! wink.


  2. solathompson
    May 18, 2009 @ 23:44:09

    Thanks for the encouragement, Ash. I like blogging too, so Twitter’s gonna have to wait until it’s “so yesterday” before I give it a chance! 😉


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