So who’s a Mother anyhow?

Today, mothers are celebrated in the United States. Every Mother’s Day, amidst the well wishes and celebrations, I wonder how women who have no biological offspring truly feel. Do they feel left out of the celebrations and should they be?

Yesterday, I went to the bank to make a deposit via the drive-thru window. As I was about to drive off, the cheerful lady at the window, who had seen me stop by with one of my daughters, wished me a happy Mother’s Day. I smiled and replied “same to you.” She immediately informed me that she had no babies. I asked her if she had anyone in her life that she nurtured or who looked up to her and she said yes. To which I replied, “there you go – happy Mother’s Day!”

Just for kicks, I looked up the definition of “mother” and I liked one of the various definitions: “a woman exercising control, influence, or authority like that of a mother: to be a mother to someone.” So there you have it – you don’t have to have birthed a child to be celebrated on Mother’s Day. 

Recently, I had the honor of being featured on a local Christian TV station’s special Mother’s Day program, along with my two daughters. It was such a fun experience for us and I’m including the video here (see below – our segment is only the first 13 minutes or so).

Mothering is not for the faint of heart. It is inspired by love, requires sacrifice, sometimes thankless but most rewarding. So if you’re a woman, whether your children be biological, adoptive or spiritual, from one grateful mother to another…

Happy Mother’s Day.

May you feel loved, appreciated and celebrated more than once a year, because you are.


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