Anne of Green Gables

Anne-of-Green-GablesI just recently discovered the Anne of Green Gables video series, thanks to a group of girlfriends of mine who had the ingenious idea to have an Anne video tea party. OMG – we had all kinds of fun! I will admit that initially I went more out of a desire to hang out with some “kindred spirits” than anything else, but after seeing the movie, I was well and truly hooked.

Anne is a precocious, outrageously outspoken orphan girl with flaming red hair which she thinks is the bane of her existence, and an imagination to match. All of the trouble she seems to land herself in only serves to make her more and more endearing.

After my Anne encounter, I immediately thought of my girls. I have a 15 year old (Bimi) and a 12 year old (Temi) in whom I’d really like to instill an appreciation for the old classics. I mean, I guess High School Musical and CGI movies have their place in pop culture and all, but what about the timeless oldies like Sound of Music (one of my personal favorites)?

I knew Bimi and Anne were kindred spirits with their technicolor flights of fancy and love of the written word, but I wasn’t so sure about my laid-back, Disney-doting Temi. Anyway, armed with the first Anne DVD which I borrowed from a friend and appropriate snacks, we had a girls’ movie night. What a night! We laughed at Anne’s melodramatic antics, cried when Matthew died and loved every one of the 195 minutes (it ended at 1 am). What’s more, the girls want to watch it again and haven’t stopped talking about it and dropping Anne quotes since! They even walk past the DVD and break into giggles over one scene or the other that they remember from it. Warms my belly, it does!

Next weekend, the same group of ladies are getting together for another tea party viewing of Anne – The Sequel, raspberry cordial included (you have to watch the movie to get that inside joke). I’ll be taking my young ladies with me and we can’t wait…wanna come?


Stand by me

This video is a reminder to me that no matter where we are located in this vast world of ours, there is more that unites us than divides us. It made me smile and choke back tears. I hope it touches you too and fills your belly with warmth and goodness. Click on the hyperlink below to watch it.

Have a fantastic weekend. For my fellow US residents, make some good memories on Memorial Day!

Peace… 🙂

Portrait of a bride

She stood in front of the mirror in her beautiful tailor-made satin and organza wedding dress. Forget the age-old superstition that the bride was not to look in the mirror on her wedding day. This was the day she had waited for all her life, and she was not going to let someone else tell her how she looked. Ah yes, THAT was the look she was going for. Not bad for a few hours’ sleep! She had barely slept from the excitement. That, and all the unusual sounds coming from different parts of the house. Out-of-town relatives were trying to figure out sleeping arrangements (didn’t she stumble over someone who was camped out on the floor on her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night?) People were cooking, talking and laughing late into the night, and then when everything got quiet, the silence was deafening and that kept her awake!

She’d had her life planned out, including getting married at in her late 20s, after getting her master’s degree and securing a cushy job in International Relations, but it wasn’t to be. “Baby bride,” her mother had called her. Her knight in shining armor had disrupted her agenda and stolen her heart long before the “appointed time.”

She allowed her mind to replay the events of the past couple of days, leading up to the grand finale: the church wedding. She didn’t want to forget a single thing. From the elaborate Nigerian-style traditional wedding two days earlier, with all the family, friends, food and fanfare that went with it; the last minute errands; the constant stream of wedding guests arriving from out of town, up until this very moment. She wondered what her groom was doing. Was his heart beating with excitement like hers was? How much sleep did he get last night? What kind of marriage would theirs turn out to be? How many kids would they have? Who would they look like? She found herself trying to peek into the future. Quickly, she reined in her thoughts. Whoa, girl, savor the moment, remember? She chided herself.  She glanced over at her best friend and maid-of-honor, who’d spent the night and was now putting finishing touches to her makeup. “Can you believe it? I’m getting married!” That was good for a giggle, the way only girlfriends knew how to…


Two decades later, the memory of that day still stays with her.  She hangs up the phone from talking to her former maid-of-honor, who’d called to wish her happy anniversary. She takes a quick inventory of her life. Three countries, three beautiful children, a few discreetly located gray hairs and a lifetime of adventure later, she realizes she’s still crazy in love with her groom and SHE’D DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN!

Happy 20th anniversary, Joseph, my groom, my best friend, the love of my life. I loved you then, I love you still. Always have, always will…

Once upon a December in 1988

Once upon a December in 1988

Happy Birthday, Bimster

Today is the birthday of my favorite 15 year old in the whole world – Bimisola Naomi Thompson.

Before I became a parent, I did not like teenagers at all. I think it’s more that I didn’t get them, even though I was once one. I thought they were a bunch of disrespectful ingrates (surely I was never like that!) and I made up my mind way back then that when I had kids of my own, I would raise them in such a way that I could like them when they were teenagers. I guess it worked!

Bimi is the most loving, witty, generous, considerate teenager I know. Sure she has her moments, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. She was born a few days early because she couldn’t wait to take her place in the world. As soon as her head broke the surface, she let out a hearty cry that had the nurses saying “nothing wrong with her lungs, that’s for sure!” She’s been belting it out ever since. She is blessed with a creativity that is the source of the wonderful stories she writes, the beautiful songs she composes and her vivid dreams in brilliant technicolor. Drama queen? That’s my Bimi. I remember her first grade teacher saying “Bimi will make a wonderful adult…” No prize for guessing what kind of first-grader inspires such declarations of hope in her teacher!

I could go on and on about my Bimi, but I’ll end this with a phrase that she’s made popular in our family; a simple phrase that says it all:

“Git it, Bimi!”

Mama loves ya, baby girl! 🙂

Mama & Baby Girl #1

Mama & Baby Girl #1

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Yesterday as I drove home from work, I was preoccupied, talking silently to God from deep within my heart. All of a sudden, I saw it: the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen! It was a complete arc, not the partial kind that is common fare in a partly cloudy sky. The colors were so bright that I could distinguish each one. At each end of it, I could’ve sworn (if I were a swearing person, which I’m not) that there was a pot of gold because the landscape in front of it seemed to glow. I promise you I’ve NEVER seen anything like it, EVER!

I pulled over on the fairly busy County Road 44 in Eustis/Sorrento and put on my hazard lights so I wouldn’t get run over by any driver who might be just as captivated as I was. I fumbled for my digital camera and realized I’d left it on the kitchen counter. Frustrated, I got out my phone and tried to capture the image on the puny built-in camera that came with it. I took some shots, but they don’t quite show the beauty of the sight. I can’t even download what I have because – whadd’ya know – the USB software that my cameraphone comes with isn’t compatible with Windows Vista! You’ll have to take my word for it – it was INCREDIBLY BREATHTAKING!

I pulled back on the road and as I made a right turn on to County Road 46A, away from my glowing rainbow, I was disappointed that it was no longer in sight. Then I looked in my rearview mirror and saw that even though I could no longer see it up ahead in front of me, it was still there, glowing beautifully. It was a reminder to me that God’s promises are always there, even when we no longer see them up front because we made a turn on a country road…

Music to my ears

You know how heart-warming it is to hear a baby’s belly laugh? Apparently, it never gets old even when the ‘windchimey’ (my invented word) high-pitched sound has descended several octaves and morphed into a baritone!

I’m sitting here catching up on Facebook and blogging (aka multi-tasking) and listening to my three children laughing with reckless abandon. Two of them were on the floor a minute ago, trying to catch their breath from laughing so hard. I have no idea what is so funny as to warrant such revelry, but I’m loving the sound of their happy noise, even though it’s interfering with my ability to form a logical thought at the moment. I guess logical thoughts can wait!

May your week be full of laughter… 🙂

Thompson kids - Demi, Bimi & Temi

Meet Mini-Me

Temi lounging in front of the TV

Temi lounging in front of the TV



Let me introduce you to the youngest of my babies, my 11 year-old daughter, Temidayo Moriah Olumuyiwa Ojonugwa Thompson. You can call her Temi. I call her Mini-Me. Of my 3 children, she’s the most like me, which can be good and bad. She looks just like me and there are pictures of me as a child where you’d think it was her. I’ve talked about my other kids and was waiting for the right time to talk about Temi and the time is now.

She’s athletic (with legs that go on forever), sings beautifully and very, very smart. A straight A student, we just last week got a letter from her school asking our permission to test her for giftedness. Did I mention she’s just like her mama? 🙂 What’s more, she brews a mean cuppa tea and knows the right amount of honey in green tea and cream & sugar in black tea that Joseph and I both like.

As she stepped into the world of middle school, pre-teen drama and Disney teeny-boppers like Hannah Montana and the High School Musical gang [sigh!], I realized with despair that my baby was growing up. Gone are the cute things she used to say like “glettuce” (lettuce) and “apple-tizer” (appetizer)…

Before I know it, she’ll be in high school, then college, then some boy will think he’s good enough to marry her – aaaargh! Until then, I’ll watch a few more Disney channel programs and cuddle with her on the sofa to watch “Biggest Loser” until she decides she’s too big for all that.

Demi, Bimi and Temi…God has indeed blessed me with these.

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