Nutrition Facts (or Fiction)

CapnCrunchThis morning, I was in the kitchen while Temi, my 12 year-old, was pouring herself a bowl of cereal before heading out to catch the school bus. I glanced at the box of Cap’n Crunch that I’d been pressured to buy (Ok, it was a buy-one-get-one-free deal from Publix). I said, “I’ll bet you that cereal has zero nutritional value.” Temi looked at me with a look that translated as “duh!” and promptly replied, “Of course it does, Mom, otherwise it wouldn’t have a Nutrition Facts label!”

[sigh] Ay, ay, Cap’n…


The darnedest thing…

college fund

So…our son Demi came home from college for the Independence Day weekend last week.  After the hugs and squeals of excitement at seeing him again, we resumed our activities around the kitchen. I was braiding Temi’s hair and Bimi was at the computer. Demi was opening cupboards and checking out the pantry to catch himself up to speed on the things that were obviously of major significance to him – food and all things related! Noticing the snack items in the pantry and the brand new rice cooker on the counter (our old one had recently died), he said, “I see you guys waited for me to leave and then went on a shopping spree.” To this Bimi replied, without missing a beat or looking up from the computer screen, “Yeah, we have more money now!”

Banging Tusks


Sometimes I miss those cute, funny things that kids say when they’re little. My kids are so grown now, but every once in a while my youngest, Temi, who just turned 12 will still say cute stuff that just tickles my funny bone!

My older daughter, Bimi, has a similar personality to her Dad. Because of that, every now and then, they will butt heads. I guess I must have expressed this a time or two because the other day, Temi asked, “Mom, is it because Dad and Bimi are so similar that they bang tusks?” Took me a minute to realize what she meant, but once I did, it made me miss those days when it was a regular occurrence.

It’s true what they say – they grow up very quickly [sigh]…

O Brittania…

So…the girls and I went bridesmaid dress-hunting on Saturday. My sister is getting married and wants her nieces in her wedding, so she sent us on assignment to find the perfect dress for her bridesmaids. For me, the perfect dress is not one that’s flawless in style or design, but one that BOTH my girls will love and agree to wear (ay, ay ay!).

So off to the mall we went. I was pleasantly surprised to see the malls relatively empty, considering the season (day after black Friday) – another thing to thank the recession for. Once upon a time, I used to love to roam the malls, even when I didn’t buy a thing. Nowadays, er, not so much.

To make the daunting task of finding said perfect dress more interesting as we flitted from shop to shop (maybe not quite as daintily as the word “flitted” implies), Bimi and I decided to talk to the shop attendants at Macy’s in fake British accents. So we walked up to two employees behind the counter and asked in fake Queen’s English where the formal dresses were located. The ladies seemed unusually friendly and helpful, even tipping us off on another store that had a bigger collection of dresses! As we walked away towards the general direction they pointed us in, we realized that we hadn’t clued Temi in on the plan, because we heard her call out after us, “why are you guys talking like that?”. Even though I avoided their gazes, I could feel the eyes of the recently helpful attendants boring holes in my back as we made a hasty getaway.

Jolly good show, what, what!

Of birds and appendages…

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The other morning, my baby, Temi (11 years old) took one long hard look at me and said, “Mom, either you have sleep marks on your face, or you’re getting eagle’s legs or hawk’s claws or whatever that stuff is called.” “What stuff?” I asked, completely bewildered and clueless as to what she was talking about. “You know,” she said, “the stuff that old people get around their eyes.” “What – crow’s feet?” I asked. “Yeah, that’s the one!”