Lessons in Unlikely Places

Yesterday, I stepped down the hall at work to use the little girls’ room which is shared by all the businesses on my floor (the office where I work is housed in a huge building). As I made my way past the stalls in search of the “right” one (don’t ask!), I couldn’t help noticing that, as usual, many of the toilets were not flushed. I felt the familiar indignation rise like bile in my throat. Too dramatic? ok…I was irritated. I thought of places where indoor plumbing is a luxury and using the loo is a pre-meditated event. You may have to get a bucket of water from the well in the courtyard in consideration of the next visitor to the “stall.” Instead, we are so blessed that all we have to do is lean forward enough to reach the shiny metal handle and push it down one time! Yet, even that is too much for some.

As I entertained myself with my indignation, a conversation ensued in my head:

“[sputter] what does it take to just flush after yourself out of courtesy to the next user? Some people are so inconsiderate!”

You do it!”

“Do what now?”

“You flush and be a blessing to the next woman who comes in here so she doesn’t have to look for a clean toilet because they’re all clean.”

“Not my problem! I flushed my toilet, let them flush theirs.”

“Serving others isn’t just doing something that people can see and acknowledge you for. Sometimes you get to serve anonymously and God, the only One who sees it, will acknowledge it.”

Ouch. Guess who went a-flushing?



The Well

This is going to be a busy but fun weekend for me! Our church is in the throes of preparations for our “re-emergence.” We have been undergoing change on a foundational level, and it’s been awesome! God is doing something in our hearts, individually and collectively as a body and we are being stretched and conditioned for the work ahead.  Hence the term “re-emergence.”

Tomorrow, we will be at our local (Lake Mary) Farmer’s Market, providing music, water, crafts for the kids, all for free. Just one of our various ways of reaching out and showing some love to our community. I missed last month’s (I was in Lagos), but I heard the story of one old man who, with tears in his eyes, said he’d been in church a long time, but he’d never felt the love and presence of God more than he did as we served at that Farmer’s Market. What a tiny offering, compared to calvary!

Then this Sunday, we’ll be back at Crystal Lake Elementary School in Lake Mary, for our first service since we left a couple of months ago, to retreat, reflect and re-evaluate. What a time that was! Our re-emergence Sunday is March 8 at 10am. If you’re in the area, do stop in, whether at the Farmer’s Market tomorrow or at re-emergence on March 8 – we’d love to see you and love on you for a bit. But next week, remember to change your clocks the night before so you’re not late! More information at www.churchatthewell.org.

Have a fabulous weekend. I know I will!  😉

Such a tiny offering…

By Joey Velasco
My latest favorite song at the moment is “God with us” by Mercy Me. It talks about the price that Jesus paid for our salvation and how, once we grasp the extent of God’s love for us, we cannot but praise Him. Towards the end of the song, the best part (for me) goes like this:

“Such a tiny offering, compared to Calvary, but nevertheless, I lay it at Your feet.”

In the light of all the heartache going on in the world today, with the staggering numbers of deaths and missing people in Myanmar, China, India, etc., I’ve often asked myself “but what can I do? What difference can I make to the overwhelming malaise in this world?” Whatever it is would be such a tiny offering… Then I remember this song. There’s nothing we could do that could ever compare to Calvary, but that should never hinder us from doing. The difference it makes may not be much in measurable terms, compared to the humongous needs, but in God’s eyes, it counts for a lot. And pleasing Him, THAT’s all that matters!

So whether it’s saying a prayer for someone or giving to a worthy cause, where’s your tiny offering? Lay it at His feet! 

Click on the link below to listen to Mercy Me’s “God With Us”, featuring illustrations by a Filipino artist, Joey Velasco. Enjoy!